September and October Offerings

We provide all of the things you need to decorate your home, yard, or business with the colors of autumn. From tiny pumpkin gourds and bales of straw to hardy mums, we can help you make your space appropriately dressed for the season.

In addition, our produce section is bursting with Michigan grown products at this time of year. Right after Labor Day we start selling apple cider and caramel apples along with all of the new fall items. Local tomatoes are still in season along with sweet corn, peppers, concord grapes, prune plums, bartlett pears and lots of different apples--as many as 15 varieties by the first week of October.


  • Pumpkins ~~ We offer a range of different types of edible pumpkins and squash. Everyone knows about the standard jack-o-lantern pumpkin, but we also sell pie pumpkins, mini pumpkins and a selection of heirloom pumpkins and large squash.

  • Winter Squash ~~ During the late summer and fall, the local hard squash is in season and always plentiful. We sell all of the common varieties for eating like acorn and butternut, and several more that many people buy just for decoration.

  • Gourds ~~ Many people like these ornamental fruit because of their many odd shapes and beautiful fall colors. We sell five different types of pumpkin gourds and always have a selection of mixed gourds.

  • Straw ~~ We sell standard sized bales and shoebox sized bales for all of your decorating and display needs. The mini bales are great for a small porch or indoor display!

  • Cornstalks ~~ Commonly seen adorning fenceposts or porch pillars, this fall item is a must for a perfect Halloween and Thanksgiving outdoor scene. They are usually available from mid-September to mid-October.

  • Indian Corn ~~ This colorful decoration is sold in bundles of three and can be found in two sizes, standard and miniature. We have a great local supplier for this product and the bunches are always well shaped and the colors mixed nicely.

  • Hardy Mums ~~ The traditional fall flower, hardy mums are slow bloomers and love the cool fall weather. They are great for bringing color back into your yard as the summer annuals fade. You will find a range of colors available from around Labor Day until the end of the fall season just before we close.