Tis the Season...

At our store, we offer as many as 12 different types of Christmas trees, stands to put them on, wreaths and more. We are right in town, so there won't be any long drive to a cutting farm, and we display as many as 300 trees standing up for you to choose from.

Beginning the day after Thanksgiving, you can come see us and find the right tree for your family. It should always be a good experience and we are happy to help provide that for you without taking too much time from your busy holiday season.

Full Service Operation...

We want to make sure that you go home, not only with the right tree, but with good spirits. For that reason, we offer full service so that you can enjoy the experience without doing anything other than picking out the perfect tree.
When you come in, you don't have to come prepared. You don't need the right kind of car or any twine or straps. You don't even have to wear gloves as we will handle the trees and load them into whatever vehicle you have.

Once you have chosen the tree that you like, we are happy to move it around or model it for you to make sure you are happy with your selection. At this point we will ask if you would like a fresh cut on the tree. This is a one inch cut from the base that allows it to take up water.

Should you plan to set up the tree at a later time, you can elect to not have the cut done on site and do it yourself when you are ready. Now the tree is ready to take to the baler. Here we will pull your tree through a rig with a 23" opening and it will come out with netting around it effectively holding it to a comfortable size. This makes it easier for us to load and tie down, as well as easier for you to take through the door at home. Now, as mentioned before, we will ask which vehicle you are driving and load it for you.

You now have a tree that is ready to take home and put in a water stand without ever having had to handle or hassle with it. That is why we call it a full service operation.